22 Jun 2015(Monday) at 12:51 pm is the Ambabati day. This ritual stands for the yearly Menstuaretion period of Prithibi Mata or The Mother Earth. Mostly In the Eastern India the rituals followed by everyone. In Kamakhya ( Assam) it's a great festival, Lakhs of devotees attend the ceremony of three days. Here in Srirampur Tarama bari, we also follow this ritual religiously. the timing of starting of the ritual after 12:51 p.m. Monday and will be finished on 26th Jun 2015 (Friday) at afternoon.


This mela is also known as Ameti or Tantric fertility festival since it is closely associated with Tantric Shakti cult prevalent in eastern parts of India. Even some Tantric Babas make their public appearances only during these four days. The rest of the year, they remain in seclusion. Some Babas are seen displaying their psychic powers like putting their heads in a pit and stand upright on it, standing on one leg for hours at a stretch.


The temple remains closed for three days during the mela for it is believed that mother earth becomes unclean for three days like the traditional women's menstrual seclusion. During these three days some restrictions are observed by the devotees like not cooking, not performing puja or reading holy books, no farming etc. After three days devi Kamakhya is bathed and other rituals are performed to ensure that the devi retrieves her purity. Then the doors of the temple are reopened[2][3][4] and prasad is distributed. On the fourth day the devotees are allowed to enter the temple and worship devi Kamakhya.


The prasad is distributed in two forms – Angodak and Angabastra. Angodak literally means the fluid part of the body - water from the spring and Angabastra literally means the cloth covering the body - a piece of the red cloth used to cover the stone yoni during the days of menstruation.


Every year lakhs of pilgrims, starting from Sadhus to householders, from all over India, come to Guwahati to observe this festival. They include Sanyasins, black clad Aghoras, the Khade-babas, the Baul or singing minstrels of West Bengal, intellectual and folk Tantriks, Sadhus and Sadhvis with long matted hair etc. Even foreigners from abroad come to seek blessings of mother Kamakhya.

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