Janam Kundli or Astrological Birth Charts are the methodical calculations taking into account the position of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets, the time and place of birth of the person. The Janam Kundli is used to provide details about the persons nature, health, education and compatibility with other people. Though the world brings forward innumerable variables, the Janam Kundli accurately foretells the relevant phases in a persons life. Safegaurds, remedial prayers and other spiritual guidance can be sought based on the Janam Kundli charts to help a person through the more demanding phases in life. Making the Janam Kundli is just one part of the Birth Chart Prediction. These charts can be prepared using automated softwares also. The real trick is in how this information in analysed. It is on this analysis expertise that the Astrologer can then offer remedies. The right knowledge and experience of the Astrologer is needed to give the right corrective action, without which, the whole purpose of analysing the Janam Kundli charts will be defeated. Get in touch with us today to analyse how we can create and analyse your Janam Kundli and help you be more prepared for what life has in store for you.

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