person, I want to explain one thing here that Tantra is a not any kinds of magic or black magic and Tantric is not a black magicne. Tantric is medium between shakti (god or goddess) and you in a kalyuga because lord shri krishna told that "shrimadbagvatgita" "kaul vagem saamata" at this means only tantra is a active , effective and powerful in kalyuga and other path is not effective all human at this whole the world. And Tantric is a very nearest for Goddess or God. Tantra is considered as the 'crown' of realization because it puts you in direct contact with the entire process of complete realization. The reason why Tantra is so powerful is because Tantra interconnects and unites all of reality, and everything attained on the physical level also crosses into the spiritual level as well. And the spiritual and the physical are no longer separate but an integral part of each other. Tantra is a way of life and a complete spiritual movement in itself, which originated in India a billion years ago, as per Vedic evolution theory. Tantra is a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of India and it forms an integral part of the Vedas or Vedic scriptures. The process of Tantric Realization comprises a vast and diverse array of Tantric and Agaamic scriptures, some of which are yet to be translated from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Tantric scriptures deal with extremely advanced meditations, rituals, symbolism, and energy-transfer processes known as 'Shakti-paat'. The forms of Tantra using mantras In the Vajrayana the five Jinas namely Akshobya, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, and Vairocana, also known as the Dhyani-Buddha, are a major focus of tantric meditation. But Tantra is regarded as a faster way of attaining Buddha-nature than the path of the bodhisattvas. The process of realization with Tantra is through ALL our faculties - the senses, the emotions, and the intellect, encouraged and roused to their highest pitch, so that our deepest memories and responses are awakened and converted into the pure energy from which theyTantra tries to realize the continuous connection between all human states and conditions. This realization is brought about by using more than eight million tantric mudras and their permutations and combinations used in Tantra meditation all originated. So due this all God or Godess worship is very effective by Tantra path” other than any path of worship in kalyuga.

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